Ordering Prints for Home or Office

So you want to fill your home with beautiful, printed memories! Sounds simple, right? Or, if you’re like me, it can feel more like a daunting task…

What types of frames to get, “how many photos should I print?”, “What size?”, “Which photos look best together???”…

Here are some tips I’ve learned when printing personal projects, as well as with clients…

  1. Make a Favorites list: Take advantage of the Pixieset’s ability to name your list so you can separate and create lists for printing, sharing online, etc. Consider keeping your potential prints list short. Would you rather have a dozen photos on small paper, or invest in just a few amazing images to be displayed prominently? Choose 1 or 2 images that mean the most to you, and build from there.
  2. Choose your material: Bright, high contrast colors stand out beautifully on metal. Whereas, I also love matte finish for photos with dreamy, pastel color schemes. With Matte, Metallic and Lustre to choose from in prints, plus Metal Sheet prints, Styrene mounted, black Standouts, and of course, Canvases
  3. Think Flexibly: Will this print work in multiple rooms of the home and if we move or change decor? For collages, I like to experiment using Canva or Fotor with their collage makers to come up arrangements. For frames, I always try to stick to standard sizes and a matching style so I can use them for any type of photo.
  4. Measure! Look! Feel! Go to your local art/framing store and see what a 24x30in or a 5x7in looks like in person. Measure your space (or temporarily mark your walls with tape or chalk) if you are planning a big display. Spend most of your wall space, and product value on the images that are the most meaningful to you.
  5. Email your Photographer: Feel free to let me know what you are thinking at any point in the process and I am glad to help! If you have purchased a print release to take your digitals to be printed, remember to use the print-only digital copy with no watermark! The differences in DPI, digital colorspace, and sharpening matter much more when exporting for print. Using these special files will ensure your prints come out the best they possibly can.
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Family/Group Outfit Ideas

One of the most common things families stress about before a photoshoot is what to wear. First, let me tell you to take a deep breath! There is no right or wrong way to dress yourself or family members. What really matters is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and showing confidence. Here are some factors to consider:



Style: I try to tell people to consider the context of why the photos are being taken. These are professional images, so it is best to avoid wearing your lazy-pants or a graphic t-shirt. Want to take the whole family shopping for the perfect outfits? Go for it! If you stick to a simple color and style palate, you should be able to all look great without buying all new clothes. For most types of photography, wear something that you would wear on a special day that you feel confident in!

For kids, a change of clothes is also a good idea, especially on muddy days. Don’t worry about carrying things, I always bring my trusty photography wagon. If kiddos want to have the option to wear a princess dress, or have been obsessed with Batman recently, bring it along in addition to some regular clothes!

Color Matching: It is not 1982 anymore, so your family doesn’t need to all show up in matching windbreakers. The best way to have cohesion across a group is to pick a set of colors or tones that go well together to plan outfits around. My ideal rule is to pick 3 colors for the session and make sure everyone is wearing at least 2 of the colors in their own outfit.

Layering is a great way to achieve this and also keep warm in the Fall weather! Otherwise, the actual clothing can vary as much as your individual personalities. Think similar, but not identical.LGS_3800

Comfort: We will be moving around a lot, posing, playing and walking to different locations. Wear clothes that move well and Avoid wearing anything that causes physical discomfort. My aim is or everyone to have fun on this photoshoot, we want happy smiles not grimaces!

Accessories/Props: Bring them! Embellishing your outfit with a scarf or a jacket is a great way to add personality and visual interest to the shots. Bringing items you can change out quickly during the shoot will also help to break up the images so they don’t all look the same. Some fun ideas for Fall are Scarves, Rain Boots, Matching Umbrellas or other PNW gear! For themed shoots feel free to bring along signs (ie a Birthday), blankets, or toys to keep kiddos entertained. LGS_1841-Edit

Some final tips:

  • Show off what makes you unique: Member of the armed services? Does your culture have a specific style of dress? Bring along outfit changes that have deep personal meaning for a few of the shots.


  • Avoid neon or extremely bright colors (like red). Colors that are too saturated can be distracting and can reflect weird tones onto the skin. Colorful is great, just don’t go overboard.


  • Let everybody pick their own outfit. Sometimes you might want to assign what your family members will wear to the photoshoot. This can cause stress and make our session less fun. Work together to choose the final outfit from possibilities they decide on for themselves.


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Senior Girls Posing Guide

This Pinterest Board is a great starting place. You might find it helpful to think of creative ways to pose or for some props you might want to bring. I also encourage seniors to search their own ideas and create a Pinterest board as inspiration to pull up on our shoot!

Senior Boys Posing Guide

This Pinterest Board is a great starting place. You might find it helpful to think of creative ways to pose or for some props you might want to bring. I also encourage seniors to search their own ideas and create a Pinterest board as inspiration to pull up on our shoot!

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